Rubber Hoses

Rubber is a material that has excellent physical properties, making it an obvious choice from which to manufacture flexible hoses. Most rubber used in modern manufacturing  is not natural but a chemical mix which can be varied according to the properties expected of the finished compound.


Hoses are built up from layers of rubber with various reinforcements, a single or multiple steel helix for suction hoses and high tensile yarn for strength.


An abrasion resistant outer cover gives the hose good life expectancy. Sizes 1″ to 12″ bore, up to 100 metres long.


Rubber hoses are available to handle most products:

  • Oil & petroleum products
  • Water based slurries
  • Abrasive materials, powders, concrete etc.
  • Chemicals , most modern chemicals can be catered for.
  • Hot water and steam
  • Compressed gases
  • Food quality non tainting for potable water, milk, liquid or dry products
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